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Bohemia Galleries

Frank Paul Illustrates the Songs of Bob Dylan
16 June - 14 July 2012
ďI donít think Iím gonna be really understood until maybe 100 years from now. What Iíve done, what Iím doing, nobody else has done. When Iím dead and gone, maybe people will realise that and figure it out. I donít think anything Iíve done has been even mildly hinted atĒ Bob Dylan.

The third solo exhibition of the work of Frank Paul by Bohemia Galleries will be held at the gallery in York in June. Following the near sell out drawings show in 2010 and the successful launch of two books, The Anatomistís Handbook and The A Ė Z of Omens of The Apocalypse in London one year later, Frank has turned his attention to illustrating in his own unique way, some of the lyrics written by the incomparable Bob Dylan.

For further details contact Sheana Eccles.
Venue: Bohemia Galleries 7, Gillygate, York YO31 7EA
Tel: +(44) 01482 881 882 Mobile: 07880 747454
Exhibition opens 16th June with artist in attendance 12 Ė 4 oíclock

Art Exhibition Poster

New Paintings
16 March - 9 April 2012
Bohemia Galleries 7 Gillygate York

This exhibition will include the latest works
Bohemia Galleries 7, Gillygate, York, YO31 7EA
(01904 466488 Ė 01482 881882).

Taking Tamsin Pickeralʼs recent book, Chris Gollon: Humanity in Art, as a starting point, Gollonʼs latest work reflects on his 20-year journey as an artist. Pickeralʼs illuminating appraisal inspired the artist to pull everything together from the past, including scratching in, scumbling and techniques using printmakersí rollers and experiments with soft matt blacks in what is arguably Gollonʼs most experimental period to date. Gollonís expressly unique and imaginative approach to painting the human form is still present in these latest works, many addressing the subject of LOVE in its many forms, from friendship, to unconditional, unrequited or fulfilled. Chris Gollon is an established name in British painting. Born London 1953, he has enjoyed many solo museum exhibitions in the UK, museum acquisitions and public commissions. He has exhibited at Art Chicago and also with Yoko Ono, David Bowie and Gavin Turk in ROOT, a crossover exhibition of contemporary music and art created by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, at Chisen hale Gallery, London. His work is attracting increasing acclaim in the national press, specialist arts press and Alan Yentobʼs

BBC1 programme Imagine. His film collaboration with JABOD, entitled Kaleidomorphism One, was premiered in London at the East End Film Festival (2008). Novelist Sara Maitland's book Stations of the Cross (Continuum, London & New York, 2009) was wholly inspired by and features Gollon's 14 paintings of the Stations of the Cross, which were commissioned by the Church of England for a grade-one listed Sir John Soane church in East London. Chris Gollon: Humanity in Art by art historian Tamsin Pickeral (Hyde & Hughes) and endorsed by Bill Bryson OBE, was published in 2010. Chris Gollon was both First Artist in Residence and Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Study (2009), Durham University, and has accepted an invitation to return as Artist in Residence at St Mary's College in spring 2011. Chris Gollon lives and works in Surrey.

Bohemia Galleries, 7 Gillygate, York

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