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Pyramid Gallery York

Mike Leach

Mike Leach Exhibition Of Abstract Paintings
📅 18 May - 21 July 2019
Pyramid Gallery, 43 Stonegate, York
York artist Mike Leach is a contemporary, abstract painter influenced by the textures, colours, shapes and decay found within the modern-urban landscape.

Mick works mainly with acrylics mixed with French chalk powder, applying paint with palette knives in order to gain the textured, layered effect that he finds so aesthetically pleasing. He then adds various colours and media to enhance the layers and textures in order to recreate the memory and feeling of the places that he finds most inspiring.

Pyramid Gallery York
Pyramid Gallery, 43 Stonegate, York YO1 8AW
Samantha Somers

Samantha Somers Exhibition Art For Dance
📅 Saturday 18 - Sunday 26 May 2019
Pyramid Gallery, 43 Stonegate, York
Original artworks and limited edition prints of dancers rehearsing for The Northern Ballet's production of Jane Eyre & English National Ballet's Giselle.

Samantha's work involves continuous drawing to capture a pure line of motion, or working to 'clad the bone' with more presence and muscle. Whilst at the same time attempting to capture the energy of the motion and the artists reaction to it. Samantha has prioritised a style of painting and drawing which avoids being overly 'finished' or concerned with dressings and costume, so much as it is with the beautiful human form, sense of movement and the intellect in choreography.

Art for Dance will be one of four collections, created to raise support by donating a percentage to dance companies in a way that engages with the people who love dance.

Partners - A Contemporary Glass Exhibition
📅 29 May - 21 July 2019
Pyramid Gallery, 43 Stonegate, York
Partners - A Contemporary Glass Exhibition features some thirty pieces of work by Peter Layton, alongside some very special pieces by his team at London Glassblowing, who are Jochen Ott, Cathryn Shilling, Laura McKinley, Layne Rowe, Louis Thompson, Bruce Marks, Elliott Walker, Tim Rawlinson, Hanne Enemark and Anthony Scala.

This special exhibition marks 25 years since Terry Brett took over Pyramid Gallery in Stonegate. His very first sale was a beautiful white glass flask made by Peter Layton and sold to a German collector. Terry's passion for this art form was born on that day and since then Pyramid has continuously shown the work of Peter Layton and artists at London Glassblowing.

Pyramid is known to London Glassblowing as a 'Partner' gallery, a status that Terry regards as a privilege and denotes a special bond with the UK's premier studio for glass artists. This exhibition is called 'Partners' to celebrate a remarkable relationship traversing 25 years.

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