Victorian View of York

View of York 1881

This is a great view showing Victorian York. It shows most of the city as seen from The North-Eastern Station Hotel (today named The Royal York Hotel). The buildings have hardly changed in over 130 years. On the opposite bank of the River Ouse you can pick out The Yorkshire Museum and Gardens, St. Olave's Church, The Hospitium, Lendal Bridge & Lendal Tower, with York Minster towering in the background. The hotel gardens are full of Victorian's, women dressed smartly with hats, couples walking, cycling and playing tennis. The separate scene in the middle of this print shows some of the old antiquities in York Minster including, the 11th Century 'Horn of Ulph' given to Ulph Thoroldsson by King Cnut (Canute). The two portraits are famous artists born in York. (left) William Etty, painter and member of The Royal Academy. You can see his statue outside York Art Gallery. (right) John Flaxman, English sculptor and draughtsman, the first Professor of Sculptor at The Royal Academy.

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