Saturday 15 June 2024
View from Ouse Bridge towards Skeldergate Bridge
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The River Ouse, York

The Perky Peacock

The Perky Peacock cafe, next to Lendal Bridge. (above)

From Ouse Bridge

Top Photo ~ The River Ouse from Ouse Bridge.

The same view showing the river flooded in winter. (above)
The Queens Hotel is on the right.

See the floods near Clifford's Tower here - Dec 2015.

The River Ouse floods, December 2015

From Ouse Bridge

The River Ouse from Ouse Bridge towards Lendal Bridge. (above)
Showing the Park Inn Hotel on the left.

Skeldergate Bridge

View from Skeldergate Bridge towards Ouse Bridge. (above)
Shows The Bonding Warehouse.

Skeldergate Bridge 2

View from Skeldergate Bridge towards Rowntree Park. (above)

Lendal Bridge and York Guild Hall

View from Lendal Bridge towards Ouse Bridge (above)
With York Guildhall on the left.

York Guildhall

The Guildhall & Lendal Bridge. View night photos of The Guildhall.

Map of York showing The River Ouse.

YouTube Video (above) showing the Ouse and more beautiful views of York.

Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge (above. Summer Solstice 2016)

Millennium Bridge York

York Millennium Bridge (above)
A popular cycle & pedestrian bridge . Near to Rowntree Park

Naked Cycle Ride

Annual naked cycle ride! at the Millennium Bridge (above)

Boats on The River Ouse

Boats on The River Ouse.

The Blue Bridge York

The Blue Bridge. Here the River Foss meets the Ouse. (above)



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