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York's Barbicans (Bars)

Bootham Bar

Bootham Bar is a good point to start your walk around York's walls, where there are steps leading up into this gate.

Bootham Bar
(above) View from inside the walls.

Bootham Bar Bootham Bar and Fountains Bootham Bar with Barbican Bootham Bar
(above) Views from outside the walls.

Painting of Bootham Bar York

Opposite this gate today is the York City Art Gallery where open top tour buses pickup. You can get good photos here of Bootham Bar with York Minster in the background.

The large white Georgian building next to Bootham Bar is called - De Grey Rooms.

The old painting above shows the barbican intact before it was demolished. Has someone since added a statue on the top/middle of the bar? as it is not on this painting.

Bootham Bar

Christmas Card of Bootham Bar

Micklegate Bar
(above) Engraved Antique Print 1828 ©

Micklegate Bar

The barbican entrance as shown in the black and white print above has since disappeared.
The colour photo below shows the bar today.
Learn about Henry VII at Micklegate Bar (

Micklegate Bar

Micklegate Bar
The low sunlight. View from inside the city walls. (above January 2017)

Monk Bar Antique Print

(above) Engraved Antique Print 1828 ©

Monk Bar Back Monk Bar Front

Monk Bar

Front and back shown in photos. The rooms inside this gateway house the Richard III Museum. 360 Degree movie of Richard III Museum & gift shop

Richard III

Richard III - "This son of York"

Archaeologists announced on 4 Feb 2013 that bones excavated from underneath a car park in the city of Leicester belong to the medieval king Richard III. Thousands of people signed a petition for Richard III to be reinterred at York Minster.

Walmgate Bar Walmgate Bar

Walmgate Bar

Walmgate Bar is the only one of York's bars that has retained its barbican (fortified outer gateway). Walmgate Bar also has a timber-framed house on the inner side of the gate that was still lived in up until 1959 (shown below). Today this is home to Gatehouse Coffee. This gateway has been recently restored and looks great! Look out for the little cat in the photo.

Walmgate Bar

The Red Tower York

The Red Tower

The Red Tower was built in 1490. It was used as a watchtower to strengthen the City Walls in the vulnerable area around the King's Fishpool - a lake formed by damming the River Foss. This watery defence meant that no walls were needed between here and Layerthorpe Bridge. The pool disappeared as it started to silt up, forming marshy islands in the 17th century, giving rise to the name 'Foss Islands'. Friends of York Walls

The Red Tower


Tower on the corner of Marygate & Bootham

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