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Rowntree's Chocolate Tins

The old tins on this page are antique chocolate or sweet tins made by Rowntree's Chocolates. Today Nestle own Rowntrees but the original factory and headquarters were based in York. These tins are fast becoming highly collectable.

Rowntree's Chocolate Tin, Grace Darling.

Grace Darling

Grace Darling Tin

Who was Grace Darling?
Grace Darling (Wikipedia)

A tin like this in good condition sold at auction for £88 (2007)

Rowntree's Chocolate Tin, William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare Tin

An old casket tin with scenes on the sides from the works of William Shakespeare. Some have an original card inside with a description.

Oval Tin with Pansy Design - 1930's


There is an indentation on the underside of this old tin, so that you could remove the lid and fit it to the base, to make a bowl for the sweets inside.

Old Tin

Scenes of York Minster

Tin of York

Old Blue Rowntree's Tin

This antique tin has 4 scenes from York including York Minster, Micklegate Bar, York from The Ouse and Bootham Bar. Also with the White Rose of York on the top.

Sweet Tin

Old Rowntree Tin, Casket.

Rowntrees of York confectionary tin with attractive garden scenes on top. The lid fits into the base for displaying contents.
Age: late 20s or early 30s.


KitKat Tin - 1930's

Rare KitKat Tin from Rowntree's Chocolate Factory based in York.
Please email if you have any further information on these tins.

Black Magic Tin

Black Magic

Rowntree's Toffee Tins

Black Magic

Please email if you have any further information on these tins as we would like to describe them more accurately.

Old Rowntree's Toffee Tin

On the back reads "By Appointment To H.M. The King".


This one includes 'The Cocoa Nibs' characters used in the advertising campaign.

Rare Theatre Usherettes Tray

Rowentree's Tray

Above: One Recently sold for £155 (2007)

Advertising Antiques

Chocolates Advertising Poster

Rowntree's Chocolates Advertising Poster (1902) above.
If anyone has any info on this poster or value please contact us.

Old Cocoa Elect Tin 1905

Cocoa Elect Tin

One Recently sold at auction for £42. Condition of the tins can decide their value, if feet are missing or a lot of rust can lower the price. This tin was in good condition.

Old Miniture Tin

An early miniature tin with Mr Punch. The small lever on the side operates and moves Punch's arm. This tin is rare and recently sold at auction for over £500!

Cricket Bat Tin

Novelty Miniature Tins

(above) A tiny cricket bat tin holding Rowntree's Cachous.
These can be very pricey, because of their age and rarity.

Grandfather Clock (below), a miniature novelty tin.
Circa 1910. 9 x 2.5cm

Miniature Clock Tin

Christmas Tin

Christmas Tin

A rare and old Christmas house shaped tin.

Piano Tin

Upright Piano Tin

Only 2" High.

Joseph Rowntree

The Famous Chocolatier, Joseph Rowntree 1836-1925

Joseph Rowntree

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The collection of antique tins on this page are either Coronation souvenir tins or tins with a Royal connection.

British Army Boer War Chocolate Tin - 1900

Issued to British Troops of the Boar War in South Africa in 1900
Showing Queen Victoria this tin was given to troops as a christmas gift.

Boer War Tin

First World War, Christmas Tin - 1914

Issued to troops in the first world war at christmas 1914.
The top of this tin shows Princess Mary in the centre with the names of the allied forces near the edge. The tins were given either with cigarettes, sweets or chocolate.

1914 Tin

King Edward VII & Alexandra (Queen Consort) - 1902

Coronation Tin

King George VI & Elizabeth (Queen Consort) - 1937

A Gift From The Corporation of The City of London to commemorate the coronation.

Chocolate Tin 1937


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