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JORVIK Viking Centre

Learn about Vikings at JORVIK Viking Centre

Return of the Vikings ~ JORVIK Viking Centre
The year is AD960 and the last Viking King in Jorvik, Eric Bloodaxe, has been banished. The city is thriving with a flourishing manufacturing centre and wide trading links. There are new buildings, new peoples and new stories to be told...

Hop aboard JORVIK’s improved ride experience and be transported back in time over 1,000 years! You will discover the impact of international trade on Viking-Age York, including the evolution of a multicultural society in the city, as it’s not just trade goods that flowed into Jorvik but people from across the globe! Plus, with 22 new animatronics across the recreation there is something new to see around every corner. The centre’s gallery experiences have been completely updated, with new display cases allowing you to get up close to the astounding Viking artefacts that inspired the creation of JORVIK. You will have the chance to dig deeper into the Viking story of York using the latest in cutting-edge technology located throughout the centre.

The Viking Museum

Explore Viking history on the very site where archaeologists discovered the remains of the Viking City of JORVIK. Meet Vikings and see artifacts found during the dig. You can journey back to a reconstruction of York in the year AD 975, complete with the sights, sounds and smells of the Viking-Age. JORVIK is located in Coppergate, York City Centre.

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JORVIK Viking Centre

The National Railway Museum


The world’s largest railway museum, from the Japanese Bullet Train to Queen Victoria’s favourite carriage, The Rocket and The Mallard. This is one giant museum with free entry! Well worth a visit! Please visit the links below to see what's on at NRM. The Museum is located in Leeman Road. There is a mini train that shuttles from in front of York Minster to take you to the Museum. You can also walk through the back of York Train Station to get to NRM. There is a model railway exhibition located right next to the entrance to York Rail Station.

York Castle Museum

Kirkgate, at York Castle Museum, is the oldest, most famous Victorian Street experience in Britain. Since 1938 it has been visited by more than 30 million people. Now a massive makeover means that you can discover even more about Victorian Life. Experience true-to-life sounds and atmospheric lighting, meet a variety of Victorian characters and enjoy the big show every 20 minutes. Walking down the cobbled streets you bump into some fascinating characters. Catch the policeman, toymaker, sweetmaker or grocer and they will give you a close up, first hand view of Victorian life. Well worth a visit as there is so much too see! The museum is located next to Clifford's Tower. Follow signs for Castle Area.

York Castle Area 18th Century

York Castle Prison
York Castle Museum’s New Experience! York Castle Prison, will plunge visitors back to the time when the building was used to house the county’s worst felons and debtors. By winding through the cramped authentic cells you can explore the dark, dank conditions prisoners were kept in and learn about their crimes and their punishment.

Castle Museum

Kirkgate York Castle Museum
(above) Kirkgate, inside the museum.

Helter Skelter

(above) Helter Skelter outside the Castle Museum (Summer)

Death Comes To Pemberley

(above) BBC's 'Death Comes To Pemberley'.

The Yorkshire Air Museum

Yorkshire Air Museum
'Friday the 13th' Halifax Bomber - Photo © L Horn

This museum is a living memorial to all the Allied Air Forces personnel who operated from Yorkshire during the Second World War, and particularly the thousands of young people who gave their lives in that conflict. This museum is relevant to present day generations by explaining in a realistic way what life was like on a typical wartime bomber station, as well as displaying the history of aviation. A great plane collection! Located 7 miles from York at Elvington.

Air Museum

Yorkshire Air Museum, Halifax Way, Elvington, York YO41 4AU
Tel. 01904 608595

Fairfax House

Fairfax House

Fairfax House Georgian Museum

Fairfax House is one of the finest 18th century houses in the North of England. It was designed by John Carr of York, and has the best 18th century rococo decoration. Fairfax House is owned by York Civic Trust who have restored the house to its former glory. You can tour the house fully furnished with the late Noel Terry’s superb collection of Georgian furniture. This museum is a great place to see how the wealthy Georgians lived in York. There are guides in the different rooms who can tell you more about Georgian life and the houses collection of furniture. Located in Castlegate, York City Centre.

The Yorkshire Museum

The Yorkshire Museum

The Yorkshire Museum is located in the Museum Gardens and next door to the ruins of St. Mary's Abbey. The museum has a large permanent exhibition and also changing temporary exhibitions. Please visit the museum website below to see what's on and get more information.

Yorkshire Museum Interior
Yorkshire Museum (360 photo)

Yorkshire Museum Interior

'Letting in the Light' The Yorkshire Museum has recently completed a £2 million refurbishment, the biggest since it opened in 1830. Through opening up windows which have been covered for years and pulling down partitions and walls, the works have enabled light to flood into the Georgian building. In addition, the museum has a fascinating audio visual guide to the History of York in their auditorium (Tempest Anderson Hall).

The Middleham Jewel

'Star Objects' The museum's collection includes some star objects; the Vale of York Viking Hoard, Middleham Jewel, Cawood Sword, York Helmet, Head of Constantine.

This 360 degree view was taken in the main entrance hall which shows the new lighter interior. You are welcomed by a statue of Mars as you enter this room. Pan down and you can view a map of the Roman Empire including Eboracum. Looking forward there is a tall LCD screen as if looking into a busy Roman courtyard. Different exhibition rooms lead off this entrance hall. Pan up and you can see the magnificent painted columns. Drag the mouse over the movie to rotate the view in any direction.

York Dungeons

York Dungeons - Guy Fawkes

Exciting, scary and fun – delve into York’s bloody history at the York Dungeon. We know that when it comes to history – the horrible bits are the best. Experience live actors, dramatic history and special effects… are you brave enough to face 70 minutes of York’s dark past?

Prepare to face the most notorious characters from York’s gruesome past, including highwayman Dick Turpin, the infamous Guy Fawkes and Viking King Eric Bloodaxe. Discover the Labyrinth of the Lost Roman Legion, the deadly plague, the fearsome torture chamber and the fate of the Yorkshire Witches.

Enter the world of The Dungeons and take a journey with twists, turns, screams and laughter – a fun day out, unlike any other.

Execution: Traitors of York - It’s 1405 – join the crowds gathered to witness our careless executioner as he shares the gory tales of York’s Micklegate Bar. But watch out… there is a traitor amongst you. Will you be next to lose your head?

York Dungeons

Bed & Breakfasts York

Towers of York Minster


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